Ted and I traveled around Europe for our honeymoon. We started in Paris, then took the Eurorail down to Nice, then up to Munich for Oktoberfest and ended our trip in Amsterdam. While in Amsterdam, we visited the Museumkwartier neighborhood, which gets its name for being home to three of Amsterdam's major museums - the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum.

However, history and culture aren't the only things that draw people to this area. It's also known for it's fabulous high end shopping - most, of which I can not afford, with a few main stream shops sprinkled in. Zara Home just happens to be one of them. It also happens to be solely based in Europe.....there are no stores in the U.S. Huge bummer, because their online shop has been one of my go to sources for decor and accessories, for awhile now.

So, I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was to find an actual, real life, brick and mortar Zara Home store, in the flesh! Ted said I let out a little "yelp" when I saw it. 

It was glorious. I wanted to buy everything, until Ted reminded me that our bags were already well over the airline's weight limit and decorative accessories were the last thing we needed to be buying. We have an attic full of beautiful wedding gifts waiting to be used in a slightly larger home. 

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the amazingness that we left behind in Amsterdam. 


You can find these items and more here.