I'm back with some more clever finds that I just couldn't not share.

First up, this Drinklip Portable Cup Holder.


So, like most people, I usually have a coffee, or some other type of beverage sitting on my desk throughout the day. And although its only takes up a diameter of about 3", it always seems to be in the way. Consequently, do you know how many times I have knocked over one of my beverages, only to ruin a freshly printed stack of papers? About a million. So, obviously, this handy-dandy portable cup holder would be a huge problem solver for me. I love how you can clip it anywhere and that it can be multifunctional. The product's website gives great examples of other uses for the cup holder. For example;

Home repair: Nails, screws, or drill bits Crafting: Beads, needles, pincushion, safety pins, stitch holders Organization: Keys, loose change, hair ties Gaming: Dice! (But also keeping your drink off your GM's table.) Play: Clip to LEGO fortress to use as a guard tower

Very practical!

Next up; The Thumb Thing.


This little piece of plastic might seem a bit ridiculous at first, but picture these scenarios.

1. You are at the beach, sitting in an extremely comfortable lounge chair, reading a Nicholas Sparks romance novel, and sipping on a refreshingly fruity cocktail.

2. You are commuting to work on the subway. All the seats are taken, so you are standing, holding onto the germ-infested, communal pole with one hand, and in the other hand you are holding that suspenseful-can't put down mystery novel.

3. You are taking a well deserved, decompressing bubble bath. You have a glass of beautiful robust red wine in one hand, and an uplifting, inspiring self-help book in the other.

4. You are at the gym, riding the stationary bike. One of your hands is switching between changing the song on your iPod and grabbing your water bottle for a quick sip, while the other hand is holding the book "Lose 100 lbs. & Get Hot in 2 Days".

Now, picture these same scenarios, but this time you are using the Thumb Thing. Ahhhh sigh. The two wing things on either side of your thumb hold the pages of your book open so much easier and SO MUCH MORE COMFORTABLE. I don't know about you, but when holding a book one-handed, for an extended period of time, my hand starts to cramp up. Another plus - it doubles as a bookmark. They have a bunch of sizes and colors too.

Pretty clever huh?......My thumb thinks so.