During my search for images of the Girls' set - yesterday's post, I came across another apartment that I remember obsessing about in the past.

Do you recognize?


I knew you would! Carrie's from Sex and the City! I love this apartment. It seems so cozy and it totally represents who Carrie is; carefree, fun and charming.

I wonder if I also love it because it makes me think of high school. Back in the early 2000's, my friends' and my idea of the perfect night included us, sweatpants, a sectional sofa, Rantoul Pizza, and an entire season of Sex and the City on dvd. Aaahhh.....those were the days.

I'd like to add that we did get way cooler towards the end of high school, and our idea of the perfect night slightly changed to a more 'social' one. It's funny though, somewhere along the way my idea of the perfect night, switched back to wearing sweatpants, sitting on a sofa and chatting with bffs. You could add a few bottles of wine to that equation as well.

Just like my friends and me, Carrie grew up and matured, too. We all witnessed this in the first Sex and the City movie. We all watched, in complete devastation, as our fabulous Carrie Bradshaw got stood up at her own wedding. Yes, shit hit the fan, but she eventually picked herself up and tried to move on.

That is where these images come in.....


I think we can all agree, the girl needed a pick-me-up. And, what is better than an apartment redesign?!? (the answer is nothing) So she transformed her once quirky, mismatched home into a beautiful, sophisticated, grown-up sanctuary. (see above)

What I love about the new design of the apartment is that it still evokes a fun, free-spirited vibe, while maintaining a very polished look. The bright blue and dusty purple is such a great, unexpected color combo. Oh, and how freakin' fabulous is that mirrored vanity?!? Kudos to the set designers, they did an amazing job!!

all images via my pinterest