AAAHHHH! Yes, I have totally neglected this little blog. My life suddenly got crazy busy and I guess blogging just disappeared from my mind. In the last 2 months I managed to.....attend 2 weddings in Newport, RI (1 of which I was a bridesmaid), help throw 1 bridal shower, attend 2 bachelorette parties (1 in NYC), throw 1 surprise 30th birthday party for my better half, attend 1 college graduation of my littlest brother, visit 6 potential wedding venues, meet with 1 wedding photographer, try on 11 wedding dresses and...oh yea, be an interior designer.

 Although, we've only crossed 2, of the 9 weddings we have this year, off the list, things do seem to be slowing down a bit, so I'm hoping to get back to blogging on a regular basis - fingers crossed. Sorry for the disappearing act!