Last year I helped my parents with a big design project. They wanted to update their 1980's style, non-functioning, cramped "master" bathroom. Unfortunately, we never took before photos, (my mom and I keep kicking ourselves) but trust me, it was bad. They had lived with this bathroom for almost 20 years, always putting it behind other projects on the home priority list. The kid bathroom even got a reno years before. So, obviously it was time for them to treat themselves to their own refresh.

We pretty much kept the footprint the same, while giving everything a much-needed update. Besides installing all new tile on the floor and in the shower, we took down a wall that was in the middle of the room. It's "function" was to house the shower plumbing and separate the shower from the toilet, but really, it just took up some very valuable square footage. Once that came down, there was room to enlarge the shower, a huge plus.

We actually kept the existing vanity and dolled it up with a new marble countertop, pretty moldings, a fresh new paint color and, oh so glam, hardware. I designed a low backsplash to wrap around the counter and serve as a transition between the marble and a large mirrored medicine cabinet. Flanking the cabinet are two modern sconces. All the hardware and fixtures got an upgrade as well. Thank God for Restoration Hardware!

When all said and done, I really love the transformation. Most importantly, though, my parents love how it turned out, as well.

Anyway, I finally got around to taking photos of the space and thought I'd share. Let me know what you think!

Clark Bath
Clark Bath 5
Clark Bath 2
Clark Bath 6
Clark Bath 7
Clark Bath 3
Clark Bath 4
Clark Bath 8